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We’ll Change the Way You Market & Sell

We are a diverse group of strategists, analysts, technologists and creative types who have come together to create a positive change in the way our clients attract, engage, nurture and convert prospects into customers. Each day we work side-by-side with our clients to teach them how to apply a strategic, intentional, measurable lead-to-revenue process to their business that results in a better buying experience and real revenue growth.

Revenue Influencers is a B2B marketing automation company, leading the marketing effort for a variety of B2B companies, co-founder Pam Hege searched for the right blend of strategy, tactics and technology to grow business and maintain profitability.

It became apparent that embracing trendy marketing concepts, ever-evolving marketing channels and the promise of marketing automation was not going to deliver the results the company’s leadership was expecting to see. She found the same was true for the majority of her marketing and sales peers at other companies.

She began dissecting every inch of the marketing and sales pipeline and comparing what successful companies did differently than those struggling to hit their marketing and sales goals. She finally recognized that what she and her peers had been focusing on and trying to fix were all symptoms of the problem, not the cause.

The cause was the lack of, or broken, lead-to-revenue process. To grow business and maintain profitability you needed to think less about the silos of marketing and sales, and more about the continuum of the initial lead generation through to the close of the sale.

It was an “AHA” moment that redefined Pam’s professional focus and led her to build Revenue Influencers. During the past six years, our team has worked to define and document an optimized process that can be deployed to generate consistent revenue growth for our clients and help their marketing and sales teams work together.

It’s simply who we are and what we do.

Our mission is to inspire the companies we work with to apply a strategic, intentional, measurable process for attracting, engaging, nurturing, converting and retaining customers.

As a diverse group of strategists, analysts, technologists, and creative types with a shared passion for all things B2B marketing we share these core values.

  • Be intentional
  • Listen better
  • Speak up
  • Drive change
  • Pursue growth
  • Practice kindness
  • Celebrate success
  • Learn from failure

Our Revenue Influencers team is passionate, engaged and accountable. We’re also a lot of fun to work with.

Pam Hege
Lead-to-Revenue Design

A traditional marketer who successfully transitioned into the digital age, Pam has been delivering intentional results for B2B and B2C companies for 25+ years. She brings strategical and technological insight and direction to solve marketing and sales challenges companies face today. When she’s not mapping out lead-to-revenue processes, she’s growing young entrepreneurs.

Katy Hege
Email Engagement

Katy is a dynamic and performance-driven digital marketing professional. Her experience and expertise in email marketing is the foundation of our engagement and nurturing programs.  She’ll happily share email best practices and dig into your open and click rates.

Graham Hege

Graham brings a freshness to the solutions we deliver for clients. His ability to break through the clutter to find innovative approaches to attracting and engaging prospects generates big results. In his free time, you’ll find him watching YouTube videos to hone his Minecraft skills.

Tracy Gulden

Tracy has more than 20+ years designing and bringing to life creative strategies for both traditional and digital marketing and advertising campaigns. Her work attracts eyeballs and motivates actions. She’s actively working towards ownership of her own Caribbean island.

Ryan Boatman

Ryan brings the unique ability to understand and bring together business requirements, user needs, and technology to deliver results. He and our team of technologists create efficiency and effectiveness through technology by integrating your marketing and sales stack. Ryan’s hobbies include building his blues vinyl collection.

Liz Sorbit
Data & Analytics

Liz’s passion is analyzing and improving performance through data. She has built her career on identifying business trends and creating customer models that change the way business happens. When she’s not crunching numbers she’s training for her next marathon.

What do companies in these industries have in common?

  • Financial Services
  • Media and Publishing
  • Professional Services
  • Information & Technology
  • Telecommunications

The answer is simple: they need to grow their business consistently, efficiently and effectively. That’s why they partnered with Revenue Influencers.

The companies we work with are committed to building their business through strategy and defined process. They look to us to help them identify and repair the weaknesses and gaps in their lead management and lifecycle process that puts them on a path to hit quarterly and annual sales goals.

All of our customers are referenceable for those considering Revenue Influencers.

We Always Want to Meet Talented, Passionate People

Revenue Influencers is changing the way our clients attract, engage, nurture, convert and retain clients. Our mission is to help them achieve that change by teaching and supporting them throughout the process.

To do that we need amazing people who are smart, passionate, collaborative and committed to being agents of change.

If this sounds like you, definitely get in touch with us.