“Do It For Me” Service Packs

Day-to-Day Hands-On Marketing Support

With an increasing expectation for marketing to drive more revenue growth, many B2B marketers are looking for ways to accelerate campaigns and pipeline impact. But the truth of the matter is, most organizations don’t have the bandwidth, technical expertise or budget to take their marketing to the next level.

More and more B2B marketers are replacing DIY with DIFM. Our “Do It For Me” Service Packs deliver the expertise and day-to-day hands-on support you need to build and maintain a consistent marketing and sales program that increases buyer engagement and accelerates revenue. Each DIFM Service Pack features a dedicated Account Manager, as well as the support of our entire team of strategists, creatives, coders, and MarTech and CRM technologists. We’ll not only assist with everyday tasks but also take a proactive approach in identifying and solving issues that affect marketing and sales performance.


We offer three DIFM Service Packs designed to deliver the expertise and support necessary to build and maintain a marketing and sales program that drives consistent revenue.

Revenue Influencers provides do it for me creative and technology services.

DIFM Services Fill the Gaps

Our DIFM Service Packs are perfect for companies looking for help with:

– Marketing and sales strategy & tactics
– Creating audience segmentation for data collection
– Designing and coding email, landing pages, forms
– Deploying nurturing automation and campaigns
– Developing sales enablement assets
– Building workflows between marketing and sales
– Supporting Marketing Automation and CRM platforms

We Improve Businesses

Clients engage our team through DIFM Service Packs to fill the gaps with strategy development, tactical execution, and technology know-how to help them over the hump and on the path to revenue growth.

Put our team of experts to work to improve your business.

Improve Your Business

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