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Reduce Sales Cycles, Increase Conversions

Your prospects kick-start their buying journeys with a Web search. They seek information sources that help them envision outcomes, define buying criteria, and shape decision-making processes — all before engaging with your sales team.

Revenue growth is no longer about just managing hundreds of thousands of leads through a funnel until tens or hundreds of deals drop out of the bottom. That’s why the first step to attracting, engaging, and converting lookers into buyers is to create a viable B2B lead-to-revenue strategy specific to your business type and goals.

Our team can help you do that. We create B2B sales strategies that focus on managing individual leads through each stage of your buying cycle with the single goal of driving revenue.

Following an assessment of your current marketing and sales efforts, we develop a comprehensive strategy inclusive of:

  • Lead/demand generation
  • Lead segmentation
  • Lead scoring and grading
  • Lead nurturing workflows
  • Content mapping and delivery by segment
  • Utilization of marketing and sales technology
  • Sales and marketing alignment for defined protocols
  • Measurement and reporting of KPIs

This roadmap to revenue will reduce your sales cycle, increase conversions and reduce both cost per lead and cost per sale resulting in greater ROI.