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Targeted, Opted-In Leads Entering the Buying Journey

As a seasoned B2B lead generation company, we understand that buyers and influencers have a wealth of information online to research, compare and postpone speaking to a sales person. Making sure that your business establishes a relevant conversation with prospective customers is crucial to your business success.

Our lead and demand generation programs engage the known, takeaways and intenders of your target audience in their channels of choice and through a variety of formats that best convey your products and services as solutions to solve a problem or meet a need.

There is no cookie-cutter approach to lead and demand generation at Revenue Influencers. Each program is developed with a deep understanding of how your customers and prospects think, feel and engage. We create turnkey lead management systems to generate maximum ROI for your business

Once we determine the best mix of marketing channels and the relevant content offering, we launch an “allbound” campaign which integrates the concepts of inbound and outbound marketing inclusive of online and offline tactics.

Engagement doesn’t stop after the contact enters the funnel. As leads are generated, our team will segment, grade, score and nurture those prospects through the sales cycle to increase conversions and reduce sales time.


Lead Generation vs. Demand Generation

Lead Generation
Capture information

Collecting registration information, often in exchange for content, in order to build a database for email or telemarketing follow-up. The direct outcome of lead generation is new contacts available for marketing and sales.

Demand Generation
Shape the audience’s perspective

The practice of creating demand for a company’s products or services through marketing content, events and other communications. The direct outcome is that your audience is more likely to purchase your products or services.