"GET RELIEF" Webinar Series All natural, long-lasting relief from:
- Marketing Automation Frustration
- Chronic Email Fatigue
- Lead Nurturing Dysfunction
- Marketing & Sales Hypertension

Looking for Relief from Painful Marketing Challenges?

If you’re feeling the stress, anxiety, and frustration of B2B marketing, then it’s time you got some relief. Each Wednesday in February, we’ll gather the experts to share remedies for treating the most common marketing ailments. From marketing automation frustration and chronic email fatigue to lead nurturing dysfunction and marketing & sales hypertension, we’ll show you how to treat what ails you for long-lasting relief.

5 Steps to Treat "Chronic Email Fatigue"

Email remains one of the most critical channels for revenue growth. In fact, 80% of B2B professionals say email is the most successful method for influencing customer acquisition and retention.

Unfortunately, many B2B companies suffer from “chronic email fatigue” – a serious yet treatable ailment resulting in email marketing that is just too tired to perform. The results are disengaged prospects and underperforming revenue influence.

If you’re looking for relief for your company’s chronic email fatigue, join our Managing Partner, Pam Hege, as she chats with some of her favorite email gurus to identify 5 steps you can use to treat this severe condition and improve the performance of your email marketing.

Wednesday, Feb. 6 – 1:30 to 2:15 pm EST

Curing Marketing Automation Frustration

Marketing automation can provide the horsepower to improve the performance of your lead-to-revenue process. It can also be a drain on resources, a point of frustration for team members and an expense without the promise of ROI.

If excitement for marketing automation has turned into frustration with your marketing team and you’re looking for relief check out our upcoming webinar – “Overcoming Marketing Automation Frustration in 6 Easy Steps.”

Our managing partner, Pam Hege, and a panel of experts will share how you and your team can avoid unnecessary headaches and make the most of your marketing automation software whether you are a Pardot, Marketo, or Hubspot user.

Wednesday, Feb. 13 – 1:30 to 2:15 pm EST

7 Steps to Treat "Nurture Dysfunction"

Everyone talks about the impact of lead nurturing when it comes to converting lookers to buyers, and how easy marketing automation makes it. But let’s be honest, most times nurture programs end up being a stream of irrelevant emails sent over a set number of days that do little to influence a sale.

We call this “nurture dysfunction.”

If your marketing efforts are suffering from “nurture dysfunction” you will want to listen in as our managing partner, Pam Hege, and surviving “nurture dysfunction” panelists talk about the signs, symptoms, and causes of this disease. Pam will also share 7 steps of treatment.

Wednesday, Feb. 20 – 1:30 to 2:15 pm EST

Marketing & Sales Hypertension Relief

Though there’s a push for marketing and sales alignment, there remains underlying stress between the two groups. We call this, “marketing and sales hypertension.” Symptoms are finger-pointing, a pounding feeling in their head during joint meetings, and the inability to drive consistent revenue growth.

If marketing and sales hypertension is at a dangerous level and you’re looking for relief check out our upcoming webinar – “Relieving Marketing and Sales Hypertension.”

Our managing partner, Pam Hege, and a panel of marketing and sales leaders will share how they relieve the tension.

Wednesday, Feb. 27 – 1:30 to 2:15 pm EST