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Defined Process, Accountability, Reduced Leakage

Statistics indicate that only 27 percent of your prospective customers come ready to buy. That means if you don’t have a defined and documented process for managing the other 73 percent sitting in your lead-to-revenue flow they will leak out and evaporate. The result?  Your marketing and sales team will have a hard time hitting revenue goals.

Our lead-to-revenue design services focus on discovering, developing, documenting and implementing a defined lead flow that aligns marketing and sales to ensure that no lead is left behind. We overlay the sales cycle to the buying cycle highlighting each point of engagement, as well as who is — marketing or sales — responsible for that engagement.

The goal of a defined lead-to-revenue design is to provide marketing and sales with a clear definition of lead and opportunity status, as well as the step-by-step approach to handling them. By removing the guesswork, your database remains accurate and you can reduce leakage.

In addition to designing and documenting the process, we’ll recalibrate your marketing and sales technology to increase individual lead visibility, monitor the actions that will trigger the next point of engagement leading to conversion and improve overall reporting and visibility into your business.

Our proven approach to lead-to-revenue design reduces leakage, increases engagement, improves visibility and drives conversion to help your team hit revenue goals.